E-commerce: Where WordPress wins from Prestashop and Shopify?

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E-commerce: Where WordPress wins from Prestashop and Shopify?

E-commerce: Where WordPress wins from Prestashop and Shopify? 1024 682 iWEBAPP - Montreal Web Design Agency

Are you opening your first business or already have one but want to leverage it? And are you thinking of doing this through Digital Marketing? Launching e-commerce is a great idea. However, it often raises some doubts. One of the main ones is: Which platform to choose?

Even if you already have a platform, but feel that it does not solve your technological problems anymore, once your business is growing, so it’s time to find a platform that solves these problems.

No matter the size of your business, whether it is small or medium-sized. What matters is to take into consideration some requirements to evaluate the best platform for your business plan. The choice needs to meet your expectations in the medium and long term. Short-term solutions do not bring benefits.

One platform for e-commerce sites that meets expectations and brings good results is WordPress. Including, understand where this platform wins from Prestashop and Shopify, for example. Check out!


WordPress is a Content Management System platform, better known as CMS. This platform is widely used to create blogs and websites both professional and personal. No wonder this platform is the most used in the world. It shoots ahead of the competition by virtue of its differentials, which are: ease and simplicity in handling, quick customization and still free. Unlike other platforms, such as Prestashop and Shopify, which charge high monthly fees. In WordPress, the only expense you will have is the cost of web hosting, and even then there are quite qualified companies that practice fair value and great service.


In the year 2012 a WordPress plugin was released. It is called WooCommerce. This plugin allows the WordPress platform to be used as an online store, ie as e-commerce. Its interface is quite light and easy to use. In addition, it features all the resources needed to make purchases such as cart, forms of payment and inventory management.

This dual WordPress and WooCommerce has been conquering more and more space, especially when it comes to medium and small businesses. Its success comes from the easy and simple way to use it and to keep it in post-development management.

In addition to the advantages already mentioned, check out other benefits of this platform.

Total Customization

The WooCommerce platform stands out due to its total customization. Soon, everything you do in WordPress can do on this platform as well. In addition, you can make improvements and changes through actions, filters and hooks.

Other platforms like Shopify, for example, have a limited ability to change the checkout page, which is the pay page. The control over this page is small. Also, it does not allow you to customize it.

Infinite resources

The resources available are endless, just like in WordPress. Soon, you have access to many plugins. That way you do it the way you want it to. This is great, especially when you want something personalized. As everything that WordPress is available for WooCommerce, it means that you can have a blog that comes straight from the factory and still extremely organized.

Other platforms like Prestashop have a lot of bugs in their updates. This does not happen with WordPress since it has a very active developer community in Brazil. Prestashop is not present.

Product facility

It is perceived that this platform is synonymous of facility. And it is not for nothing. It is also extremely easy to register any type of product, conduct marketing campaigns, design promotions, offer discount coupons and still facilitate the way of choosing the freight. In addition, all of these features can be tracked through reports generated by the platform itself.

Great for small business!

Because WordPress is a fairly simple, intuitive, lightweight and affordable platform, it is becoming the best choice. It is perfect for most stores and this includes small to medium sized ones that want to leverage their e-commerce.

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