How a Professional Website Can Increase Your Sales

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How a Professional Website Can Increase Your Sales

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With the advancement of social networks as a business tool, many companies summarize their digital presence to these channels.

Justifications for this are not lacking: for many entrepreneurs, having a professional website still seems very expensive, complicated or unnecessary.

But in practice, all these ideas are wrong. Having your own web address is more important than you think, and can be a determining factor in the success of a business.

On the other hand, using only third-party resources to build your entire Digital Marketing strategy may seem like a good idea, but it should be costly in the medium to long term.

See everything you need to know to implement a professional website and transform your company’s sales.

5 Reasons to Invest in a Professional Website

We have already seen what are the top reasons given by entrepreneurs who postpone or are reluctant to create a website. Now it’s time to prove why they are not good enough.

Here are 5 clear reasons to put the fear aside and invest as soon as possible in developing a professional website for your business:

1. It’s your exclusive channel on the internet

Social networks are shared environments, which means that every type of publication fights every second for the attention of its personnel.

For a company, this means sharing the space with direct competitors, memes of all kinds, everyday news, and status updates from friends and family members of potential customers.

On the other hand, the site is your exclusive channel to convince and communicate with potential customers. It’s as if social networks were clubs and the site was your home.

2. You have control over the message

Another reason to have a website and not limit yourself to social networks and other outsourced channels has to do with controlling the message that visitors will see.

Any outsourced site follows a standardized template, the same for all companies that use it. On a website, you can customize the layout, content and contact options.

3. Strengthens your brand

Do you know of any great brand that does not have its own website? Even entrepreneurs and companies that base their entire business model on social networks invest in a home address.

The reason is the strength this brings to the brand. The more known a company gets, the more people will look for it on Google.

Customers feel much more confident when the search page shows a website, not just a profile on Facebook or Instagram.

4. It works better in the long run

In recent years, it has become clear how changing social networking rules and algorithms can profoundly affect a company’s web strategy.

Business catalogs can also change the operating rules or even close operations. In the long run, the safest option is to even develop a website of your own.

In addition to last as long as you want, any change of operation will be decided internally for the company’s own good, without abusive rules or increased costs.

5. Improve your sales

If there are people searching on Google for the products or services that your company offers, it is because there is a chance of making more money with a good online presence.

And there is nothing like a website to take advantage of this interest and attract the right people who have the intention to purchase and the ideal customer profile that your business needs.

4 Ways to Use a Corporate Website to Increase Sales

If you thought “But my business is local, not seeing the internet,” know that having a virtual store is not the only way to use your page to sell more.

There are several ways to do this, and even local companies, or with highly targeted products, can benefit greatly from having their own online address.

Here are 4 ways, direct and indirect, to sell more through a corporate website:

1. Lead Generation

One of the biggest marketing and sales problems in companies of all sizes is generating the required amount of leads to hitting the targets.

A good website, especially when aligned with a quality blog, can become a true lead generation machine.

The main way to do this is by producing quality content that helps visitors better understand what the company does and see practical value in it.

2. Direct purchases

The most direct way to increase sales is undoubtedly creating a virtual store. It has never been easier to create and scale a sales operation digitally.

Companies from all segments sell their products and services, even the most technical and specific. Of course, if this is your choice, you will need to think of several aspects besides creating and maintaining the site itself.

3. Requests for budget

The middle ground between selling online and generating leads through content is putting on your site a page or form on which visitors can request a quote or evaluation from a consultant.

This practice is very common and fits well into the business process of many businesses, who decide to take a straightforward approach but prefer not to start a 100% digital operation like e-commerce.

4. Closing of partnerships

Finally, there is an indirect way to increase your sales through a website: use it as a gateway to close strategic partnerships with other companies.

Your pages can serve as a showcase for others to get in touch with, or it can be your business card when approaching another entrepreneur. The range of possibilities for this is huge, and you can go from writing a guest post on another company’s blog to promoting an event together.

How to improve your website performance with a corporate blog

Even the best website is unable to generate traffic and give results without some additional effort. And there is no better way to attract visitors, generate leads and convert them into customers than through a blog.

According to Content Trends, 73% of participating companies invest in content marketing, and point out a clear relationship between using blogs and generating leads.

You can say without fear that a good blog, with relevant content and constantly updated, is your website’s greatest ally in creating a strong and profitable online presence.

4 Vital Elements to Turn Your Website into a Sales Machine

If you have ever had a website and have not seen results, or know someone who has had a negative experience with the web page itself, you may be wary when you hear that a site can increase sales.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to see companies that even invest for a while on the site without the expected results. There is not just one reason why.

But if you give special attention to the elements below, your website has everything to become a true sales machine:

1. Content

Your site may have all the other elements on this list, but it will fail if it does not deliver relevant content to the audience. What is included in this?

First, each page should show its value proposition clearly and objectively. In addition, the language has to be easy to understand and generate content for the public.

Content is not limited to text but includes all types of images, video, and other graphics features used to inform and convince visitors.

2. Calls to action

Calls to action are invitations that encourage people on the page to take action that helps your business process, such as “buy now” or “download free stuff” buttons.

Calls to action need to be direct, dynamic and have good contrast with the rest of the page. So vivid color buttons and persuasive phrases make a big difference in the conversion rate.

3. Optimization for Search Engines

There are many factors that make a big difference in how Google views and ranks sites that appear in the first search results. One way to optimize your website to meet these criteria is by using SEO On Page.

Lightweight pages, which load in less time, good code organization practices, and a host of other actions can make a big impact.

4. Responsive design

Responsive design, when a website fits any screen size, also falls within Google’s criteria, but that is not just why you should consider it a priority.

It’s about providing a good browsing experience for users, who increasingly use their mobile devices to surf the internet and even shop online.

Having a professional website is a great investment, as long as it is done by trusted partners, pay attention to the right elements and be updated regularly. Companies that do this have already achieved excellent results. Now it is your turn.

Another essential aspect of the good performance of a website is its security.

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