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Throughout all these years, ILUMIMAIS have been working to provide their customers with an easy, agile and complete 100% CRM Web solution that can simplify their day to day business and drive them towards success.

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The Challenge

With the continuous growth of business tools and business platforms, the company has been flourishing in the Brazilian market. When Ilumimais approached iWEBAPP and proposed us the challenge to bring their new identity to a new level of modernity and prestige which was demanded by their clients, as well and a rebrand of their initial and outdated identity and marketing tools, iWEBAPP embraced the opportunity right away, we love clients that are open to what new has to offer. They needed a website that not only looks and functions great but is also innovative and in line with the forward-thinking industry. Furthermore, the site needed to appeal to several different target groups, ranging from businesses to wholesalers and telecom agents looking to resell their products and services.

What We Did

Created on a CMS platform, the project was designed to present clearly and objectively the solutions, services, and training offered by ILUMIMAIS CRM. A blog was also created where the company can generate content and disseminate information to visitors. The presentation page of the clients reinforces the credibility of the company.

Another interesting item on the site is the Google Virtual Tour, where the user can “walk” and know all the environments of the company.

The project is responsive to mobile devices and has an administrative panel with SEO module, page creator, text/photo editor and integration with Google Analytics.

Our Strategy

From print collateral, signage to uniforms, we crafted an end-to-end branding solution that carries ILUMIMAIS into the next generation. Appealing to both buyers and sellers, vintage-style typography is used to create various indoor and outdoor signage for Ilumimais Offices. Discount graphics are used in sale emails to their vast list of customers.

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