Prysmian Group /// VIDEO PRODUCTION
Presentation Creation Process, Facilities in Brazil

An industry leader with shareholders at its heart. Listed on the Milan Stock Exchange in the FTSE MIB Index, our core focus is to create innovative products and deliver groundbreaking projects that secure long-term profit, ensure value for our shareholders, and inspire continued market confidence in the company.

Web Design Agency in Montreal

Motion Graphics Production

Prysmian Surflex part of the Prysmian Group hired iWEBAPP to produce a corporate video presentation where their technology, factories located in Brazil, products, and team were presented as a World leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry.

iWEBAPP filmed locally for three days using 4K cameras and drones to capture every detail of the process of creating communication umbilicals, their facilities located in Espirito Santo, Brasil, their team and R&D labs. In post-production is where the magic began and all pieces were placed together to present a fast-paced, modern presentation.

Concept Design, Motion Graphics, 2D Animation, Tracking, Visual Effects, VFX, Futuristic

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