Why I choose to use JivoChat?

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Why I choose to use JivoChat?

Why I choose to use JivoChat? 1600 900 iWEBAPP - Montreal Web Design Agency

Hello everyone, I wanted to talk to you about this powerful tool called JivoChat, that I installed a few months ago. I searched among many on the internet and decided to go with it for its differentials, and I will tell you the reason, but before I want to talk briefly about it’s functionalities.

Some Jivochat Functionalities

  • Customer Information
  • Quick Answers
  • Chat summary sent to an email
  • Block
  • Mobile app
  • File transference
  • Evaluation of dialogues

Well, these are just a few of the many features it has and they are always bringing more and more functions to make my life easier, but what makes it my tool of choice? first of all they have excellent updates, this tool gives an exact glimpse to the customer’s need, I do not see Jivochat as just one more company that wants to get established in the market, you can see that their development team works thinking about what would be more practical, easy and with great visual for you, your operators and your client, what can trigger you in your blog, website, social network. Ah and now it has several integrations with third parties social media, see below:

So as you see, you can configure Jivochat on your site, the Telegram, Facebook pages you manage, Viber and email.

But how does this work in practice?

Simple, imagine that a customer of yours is looking for you using Messenger in your Facebook page, obviously you will receive notification on the cell phone, but suppose you have other operators who are not administrators of the page, your operators of Jivochat will also receive the conversation that happens there on your Facebook page and respond via Jivo and Jivo takes care of entering your responses to your Facebook account. Isn’t that great? You do not need to access Facebook or Facebook Page Manager to respond to your customer. And look how I’m just talking about an integration channel, imagine using only Jivo to respond to all the channels of all your customers? Very cool, right?

Another very, very important feature is the proactive chat, what do you mean? Well, you can see the visitors that are browsing your website, and you can start a conversation with them, on the contrary of most of the chat software where the client initiates the conversation, in terms of sales and marketing strategies for sales I say without a doubt until now JivoChat is the best I have tested.

And if your site uses one of the platforms below, it gets even better and easier to integrate, JivoChat already has specific plugins for such platforms.

A few more reasons

What about the Layout, totally customizable according to your needs, you can change colors, placement, foto, etc.

Below an example of configuration for you understand better

Another detail is that you can install JivoChat on your PC as an application and still use the Web version. You get access to a list of various information about your users beforehand, like from where they are accessing your site, their location, and which mechanisms they came from.

Monitor and improve the quality of your service

Ah! Did I already say that you have links directly from the Jivo platform to your client? Not yet? Yeah! What a difference it is not, voip calls through the tool itself, imagine that your final customer does not understand correctly about your product or service, your operator can call him on time, and facilitate communication even more. Another reason I stay on JivoChat.

Well, what more can I say, just that you have to test to validate all this information, I  assure you that you are really wanting to boost your sales, you will be more than satisfied with JivoChat.

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