A New Theory Solar System /// Animated Video 3D – Motion Design – VFX – 3D Animation

Prof. K. Casoti is a well-known university scholar and with a different idea on how the formation of the Solar System really happened.

Web Design Agency in Montreal

Motion Graphics Production

Requiring a showcase to present his innovated ideas, K. Casoti approached iWEBAPP to develop a 3D animated video that will bring life to his theory. iWEBAPP designed and created concepts, storyboards and animation for a mixed live-action/3D motion graphics production in a rich, and cinematic style. After coming up with a concept that Casati loved, iWEBAPP set about putting together the CG elements.

As a primary development task, iWEBAPP using Cinema 4D, After Effects and Particle FX are essential to provide any game with the finishing touches of ambient and special FX such as fire, rain, explosions, dust, floating leaves, and sparks in order to bring the worlds to life.

Concept Design, 3D Modelling, Rigging, 3D Animation, Tracking, Visual Effects, VFX, BBC, Futuristic

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