How to buy backlinks: The Complete Guide 2022

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How to buy backlinks: The Complete Guide 2022

How to buy backlinks: The Complete Guide 2022

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You have probably heard of backlinks and how this can increase your site’s traffic. But do you happen to know how to buy the right backlinks for your site? What types of links, metrics, good practices and also the care you must take to succeed?

Reaching the top positions in Google search is not an easy task. But there are ways you can facilitate this process, and one of them is to buy backlinks.

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How it works to buy backlinks

First you need to find a company with qualified professionals who offer quality backlinks. It can be by searching on google or following the recommendation of people who have already bought and approved.

How to buy backlinks for SEO

How to buy backlinks for SEO

But it is important that you pay attention to some details, which can make a difference in the success of your strategy, see some examples:

Ways to purchase backlinks

It is important to know how to differentiate these two modes of publication, because press offices usually publish texts where the backlinks are Nofollow, that is, they do not pass authority on to your site.

The goal of companies looking for this modality is usually to advertise a product or service on websites to expand the brand name, this technique is also called branding.

The purchase of backlinks is focused on publishing texts on sites that the links are DoFollow (pass authority to your site). This way you can improve your position in the ranking of search engines, such as Google.

There are two main ways for you to buy Dofollow backlinks.

The first and simplest is to contact the company of your choice that offers the services.

In this case, the contractor will take care of the entire process of developing an exclusive text for each publication, and will make contact with the sites that such texts will be published.

In the second case, you can search for sites that you want to get a backlink and trade with them an amount.

In this modality it is good that you keep in mind that you will need to write a unique text, that follows the publication guidelines of each chosen site.

This includes minimum number of words in the text, structuring with H1,H2,H3, defining keywords and other details.

Usually due to lack of time or skill, people/companies tend to hire a writer to write the texts, which ends up not getting much more economical than hiring a company to take care of everything.

Values for Dofollow Backlink Publication

Whatever your preference, the value for publishing backlinks on sites is varied, as this depends a lot on the metrics and traffic of each site. The most common system for knowing the metrics of a site is the DA,Domain Authority, which is provided by an extension called Moz.

Another important factor is the organic traffic that the site receives monthly. Sites with many visits tend to sell more expensive space for publishing content and links.

The values can range from $300.00 to $5,000.00 for only one link when you try to buy separately from a site with good metrics and traffic. Because of this value, it becomes much more feasible to acquire a link package with specialized companies such as iWEBAPP. In this case, you can pay a much lower amount for each link by hiring 5, 7, 10 or more publications in a month.

Is it worth buying backlinks?

If you buy backlinks that are relevant and contextual to your site, it’s definitely worth it.

Not least because, for more competitive keywords, the only way you can achieve and maintain a good positioning is through quality backlinks.

But if your goal is to receive paid traffic, such as those coming from promotions in Google Ads, then buying backlink is not so attractive, although it is still always good to invest in backlinks. I’ll explain:

Imagine the following situation: you pay $3,000.00 in a month for Google Ads to promote your site.

You can narrow the target audience as much as possible, and yet you can receive a lot of access from people who are just curious about your product or service.

So of the amount you invested, a small percentage is converted into sales.

When the next month arrives, you will have to pay the previous amount again to continue to have your site in evidence. This ends up becoming extremely expensive in the long run and you are held hostage to pay Google monthly, otherwise your site will disappear from searches.

In the case of backlinks that generate organic traffic, you don’t need to spend so much to generate the same number of qualified accesses on your site. With the publication between 5 and 10 articles per month, you can build a strong and consistent link profile for your site, and consequently this will improve your positioning on Google and also ensure more authority for your company.

Consequences of buying backlinks and how to avoid negatives

Buying backlinks is a practice that Google does not consider healthy.

That’s because he would theoretically be losing customers who could invest in Google Ads. But the consequences of violating this “recommendation” are not effective. That’s because every day several sites are publishing and mentioning other sites with backlinks.

If the text is made in the right way and the backlink is inserted in a contextual and natural way, it is extremely difficult – not to say impossible – that Google’s algorithm knows how to accurately differentiate what a purchased backlink is and what is a spontaneous backlink, that is, a mention for being really an authority on a given subject.

See some tips that bring naturalness to backlinks: Context of backlinks

It is very important that the contents are contextualized with the keyword and the backlinks URL.

This means that if the backlink URL and the keyword are related to the technology niche, it’s no use publishing on a website and content about travel.

We are not saying that a travel site cannot publish content with backlinks about technology, but rather that if you are going to do this, the text needs to be contextual and the backlink has to appear in a natural way.

Backlink insertion location

The place where you are going to insert your backlink also matters. For Google, the ideal is that the backlink is in the middle of the text.

Links too much at the beginning or too much at the end are not bad, but their recurrence can arouse suspicion by the google algorithm, which can interpret that you are forcing these backlinks.

Automated links

There are many tools that create content automatically, and you should run away from them, even if it seems practical, it is not ideal.

This is because the quality of the text focused on real users and their permanence on the page of your published text is better for the backlink.

Every day more user experience gains territory in the analysis of google algorithms.

Links on Spam sites

There are sites that have good metrics and even attractive traffic, but that are full of SPAM.

This is very negative for your backlink profile. Receiving mention of a site with a lot of SPAM can cause the google algorithm to penalize your site.

What is BlackHat, WhiteHat and Gray/RedHat

BlackHat are basically abusive practices to force the ranking of your site. The purchase of backlinks is considered by Google a BlackHat technique. But although the purchase of a link has this classification, as we explained earlier, there are ways to buy backlinks without running the risk of receiving any penalty.

Before we go deeper into this, let’s now explain WhiteHat. This classification is in relation to the practices that search engines consider to be healthy, that is, the backlinks that you naturally receive for being an authority on a certain subject, and consequently having your site mentioned in other’s publications, without you having to pay for it.

The problem with WhiteHat is that a company that is starting out, small or medium-sized, will hardly get backlinks from good sites for free. The company is unknown and there is no reason for others to disclose it.

It is in this context that Gray/RedHat appears. Here is a mixture between the previous modalities, where you buy the backlink, but it is published in a natural and conscious way, within a text that makes sense for your backlink, and on sites that make sense for your service/product. This way, Google will never know that that link was purchased, after all it is a robot programmed to read real-time codes on the internet, and does not make interpretations.

Using these means, you can buy backlink quietly without suffering any consequences, and are ahead of your competitors in Google searches.

Reasons to hire an SEO consultancy before buying backlinks

How to buy backlinks for seo

How to buy backlinks for seo

SEO consulting is very important for you to have a defined strategy. Creating authority and ranking your site on google is not simply posting a backlink on a site, and waiting for the result. You need to define keywords that make sense for your goal, both in terms of competitiveness and in relation to searches and also search intent.

For example, one of our clients who offers polysomnography examination hired us to conquer more patients for his clinic. In the strategy defined by us, the backlinks were focused on the term polysomnography in Alphaville which is a keyword with search intent aimed at hiring a service and in a specific location, in this case, Alphaville.

That is, it is a very assertive word with regard to the locality, and, at the same time, a word with high potential for financial return, since most people who seek this term are pending to hire the service.

In addition, the pages of your site need to be optimized so that you can better take advantage of the authority of each backlink you make. Using internal linking techniques, to be able to spread Link Juice in a smarter and more sustainable way is a good idea. By doing so, when one of your pages receives a backlink all the pages that are linked to it will receive by table part of the strength of that link.

That said, there are several optimization techniques, which are important to be considered to make the most of the backlinks you are going to hire.

If you want to know a little more about the SEO Consulting service that iWEBAPP offers, go here.

Expected results

With the monthly publication of backlinks your site will acquire more authority over time. Gradually it will rise in the ranking and consequently reach the TOP 3 if the SEO strategy has been well planned. With this, you will have thousands of qualified accesses from people who need your product/service.

Sales should skyrocket and you will probably never want to stop buying backlinks, since over time the strategy ends up greatly increasing your revenue, leaving the investment in buying backlinks something very sustainable.

When it comes to SEO you need to understand that it is a medium to long-term investment. If you have never invested in this area, the results begin to appear between 3 and 6 months of activity.

If your site already has a digital maturity, the purchase of 1 single backlink can improve your positioning within 1 week after the backlink is published. The time you will reap the result of an SEO consultancy or a backlink package will depend a lot on your site, the quality of the links and the strategy and also on Google’s own algorithm.


The purchase of backlinks is a very important strategy for the SEO of any site. It brings benefits and has the power to put your company in the first search results.

It is important to pay attention that the technique cannot be performed in any way: you need to be careful and aware of how you are publishing these backlinks. That’s why it’s important sometimes you consult an agency specialized in SEO.

You can execute the strategy on your own, which will probably make you spend a lot of money and have few results if you have no knowledge in the area.

As well as you can also hire a qualified company to carry out this strategy in an intelligent way, which will save your time and money, bringing expressive results.

So, what did you think of our article on how to buy backlinks? If you liked it, comment and share it with your friends. Stay tuned on our blog because soon we will have more content.

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